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Partnerships have a relatively low rate of success when starting a franchise. Well, the same is true for any business. Why?

Most partnerships fall apart within a few years or even months because of mistakes during their structuring process. In many cases partnerships are put together because one person either can’t afford a business or does not have the expertise to start one.

As a result, exited to find a partner and fulfill an individual dream, entrepreneurs rush to get started before taking care of some important details. Here are some things that need to be considered when starting a franchise business in a partnership:

1. What is the exits strategy? – Maker sure that you share the same vision of where you want to be in 5 years. If an offer comes along to buy your franchise, what will you do?

2. Decide what to do if you stop agreeing on things – effective dispute resolution tools need to be put in place before you get started. You are going to spend a lot of time with your franchise partner, don’t expect to agree on everything.

3. Decide who is the boss – it is almost impossible to run a 50/50 partnership. Someone needs to be the boss or the CEO. This way you know who is responsible for a final decision from the beginning instead of having to decide that each time on the spot.

4. Consider a Limited Partnership – Make sure that all the liabilities in your business are clearly spelled out. Getting a limited partnership agreement in place might be the best way to go. v 5. Look at some successful partnership examples – Baskin and Robbins (ice cram franchise) come to mind. Take you time to research what made other people successful in this arrangement. When considering a partnership it also helps to consult an attorney in order to incorporate all the details into a partnership agreement.

In the end, partnership may be a great option for you, the key is to give careful consideration to all your options and properly document everything.
The Forex market is an inter-bank or inter-dealer network first established in 1971 when many of the world’s major currencies moved towards floating exchange rates. Forex Trading is considered an over-the-counter (OTC) market, meaning that transactions are not conducted on an exchange like some equity stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Chicago Options Board Exchange (CBOE) where options and futures are traded. OTC trades exist as agreements made between two parties that agree to trade via telephone or electronic network.

As Forex trading has evolved, several locations have emerged as market leaders. Currently, London, England contributes the greatest share of transactions with over 32% of the total trades. Other Forex trading centers—listed in order of volume— are New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Paris, and Sydney.

Because these trading centers cover most of the major time zones, FX trading is a true 24-hour market that operates five days a week. For example, as a trader in New York, you have access to the Forex market starting Sunday evening when the market opens in Sydney for the start of the trading week. Trading centers around the globe then come online until New York closes at 4:30 PM EST. Of course, by this time, Sydney will have reopened for the next trading day so you can continue to trade around the clock until the New York close on Friday.

Forex trading is again beneficial for it helps you to perform complex analysis without mistakes. With access to your computer, you can solve complex charting, sort out details of each trading agreement minutely. Add to this, you have several forex trading tools available online. These tools offer quick assistance for forex trading in volumes. This is indeed a blessing for newcomer, who often finds it tedious to track down the facts and figures of forex market and forex trading agreement.

The Forex market has become the world’s largest financial market, and it is not uncommon to see over $3 trillion US traded each day. All things you need to know and learn it up in Forex trading ; knowing risk level - how much you are willing to lose, understanding the different forex trading systems as technical and fundamental and research the trading systems which you can be familiar with how they work.

Forex trading courses are available as online courses and also through printed books. Free tutorials and financial guidance is also provided by many web sites. Choosing a professional Forex Trading Course will provide you with details on

- The best time to trade specific currencies like Euro - How to anticipate movements and trends in the global market - Which pairs of currency to trade - Best time to enter the forex market - Market conditions and tips about efficient trading from experts - Technical indicators

Overall a forex trading course should be a complete currency trading solution for all the queries regarding forex and its effective trading options.
William H. Gates is chairperson and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing.

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in a family having rich business, political and community service background. His great-grandfather was a state legislator and a mayor, his grandfather was vice president of national bank and his father was a lawyer.

Bill strongly believes in hard work. He believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence, you can achieve anything. From childhood Bill was ambitious, intelligent and competitive. These qualities helped him to attain top position in the profession he chose. In school, he had an excellent record in mathematics and science. Still he was getting very bored in school and his parents knew it, so they always tried to feed him with more information to keep him busy. Bill’s parents came to know their sons intelligence and decided to enroll him in a private school, known for its intense academic environment. It was a very important decision in Bill Gates life where he was first introduced to a computer.

Bill Gates and his friends were very much interested in computer and formed "Programmers Group" in late 1968. Being in this group, they found a new way to apply their computer skill in university of Washington. In the next year, they got their first opportunity in Information Sciences Inc. in which they were selected as programmers. ISI (Information Sciences Inc.) agreed to give them royalties whenever it made money from any of the group’s program. As a result of the business deal signed with Information Sciences Inc., the group also became a legal business.

Bill Gates and his close friend Allen started new company of their own, Traf-O-Data. They developed a small computer to measure traffic flow. From this project they earned around $20,000. The era of Traf-O-Data came to an end when Gates left the college. In 1973, he left home for Harvard University. He didn’t know what to do, so he enrolled his name for pre-law. He took the standard freshman courses with the exception of signing up for one of Harvards toughest mathematics courses. He did well over there, but he couldn’t find it interesting too. He spent many long nights in front of the schools computer and the next day asleep in class.

After leaving school, he almost lost himself from the world of computers. Gates and his friend Paul Allen remained in close contact even though they were away from school. They would often discuss new ideas for future projects and the possibility of starting a business one fine day. At the end of Bills first year, Allen came close to him so that they could follow some of their ideas. That summer they got job in Honeywell. Allen kept on pushing Bill for opening a new software company.

Within a year, Bill Gates dropped out from Harvard. Then he formed Microsoft. Microsofts vision is "A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer". Bill is a visionary person and works very hard to achieve his vision. His belief in high intelligence and hard work has put him where he is today. He does not believe in mere luck or God’s grace, but just hard work and competitiveness. Bill’s Microsoft is good competition for other software companies and he will continue to stomp out the competition until he dies. He likes to play the game of Risk and the game of world domination. His beliefs are so powerful, which have helped him increase his wealth and his monopoly in the industry.

Bill Gates is not a greedy person. In fact, he is quite giving person when it comes to computers, internet and any kind of funding. Some years back, he visited Chicagos Einstein Elementary School and announced grants benefiting Chicagos schools and museums where he donated a total of $110,000, a bunch of computers, and provided internet connectivity to number of schools. Secondly, Bill Gates donated 38 million dollars for the building of a computer institute at Stanford University. Gates plans to give away 95% of all his earnings when he is old and gray.
Have you ever had a dream so big that you had no idea how to accomplish it? The dream is there, in the background of your mind, gnawing at you and clamoring for your attention.

For many busy entrepreneurs, you might start to feel like the dream is slowly dieing. With everything you have to do to generate financial results, you never have time to focus on the dream. You are always busy running your business, making money, taking care of your clients, etc. Who has time to chase their dreams?

When you let your dream die, it affects your passion. Without passion, running your business can start to feel like work (who wants that?). Passion is the fuel that gets you going every day, provides the stamina to overcome the challenges and obstacles, and inspires you to think bigger.

Recently I saw an Oprah special called “Building a Dream” about the launch of her Leadership Academy for young girls in South Africa. As I watched the show, I realized that Oprah has been visioning this school for a long time. She had clarity about so many details -- from the uniforms to even the brick color of the building. It has been the fuel that keeps her going ever day, overcoming the big obstacles that have risen in running a billion dollar empire.

We all know that Oprah is very busy with her show and her magazine. How she brought her dream to life and fulfilled her passion was by surrounding herself with a team of people who could bring her vision to life.

If you study billionaires (which I do) you will learn a special leverage technique they all use to manifest their dreams into reality. I’ve seen this technique used by Oprah, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson. The technique: build a team to bring the vision to life.

Here are five tips to help you get started:

1. Stay focused on the vision. Michael Gerber’s In the Dreaming Room covers the power of what your REAL job is (and by the way, it’s not getting lost in the day-to-day management.) It’s all about creating a vision so big that it pulls you forward.

2. Do YOUR job. Your job is to stay focused on high payoff activities. Let others do what they do best. Bookkeeping, housecleaning, graphic design, website updates, filtering emails and phone calls are all low payoff activities for the average business owner yet you many spend thousands of billable hours a month on these tasks.

3. Surround yourself with powerful implementers. When you leverage your time and build a team of good people, then your dreams become real 100 times faster. Most entrepreneurs are really great with ideas but lose traction when it comes to details and managing projects.

4. Start sooner. In completing the Virtual Team Building Secrets interviews, one thing I found in common with all five experts is they waited too long to build their team. It cost them time, money and sanity. The billionaires I studied all took the risk to build a team immediately.

5. Let go. Once you create your power team, be sure to learn to delegate well. It doesn’t do anyone any good if you hold the reigns too tight. A golden rule of delegation is, “Commit to the outcome, let go of the path to get there.”

Its time to start building YOUR team. It’s the fastest way to create more time, free up energy and make progress in bringing your vision to life.
Thousands of people have lost their jobs or source of income in todays troubled economy. Absolutely no one should feel that it cant happen to them. In addition to people losing their jobs and source of income, there are millions more coming out of college or coming of age, entering a job market that is already stressed with high unemployment because of the turbulent economy.

Considering the state of the economy it would be wise to be resourceful, doing so by taking the initiative to create an alternative source of income. Starting a Home Based Business will allow you to generate needed income, be independent, and give you peace of mind.

Generating needed income with a Home Based Business could make a difference in your life. Particularly if you have lost your job or source of income. It will give you a way to take care and provide for yourself and loved ones.

Perhaps you do have some income and your goal is to supplement or add to what you have coming in, which will benefit you.

If you value independence, you are really going to enjoy owning a Home Business. How independence manifest itself varies from one person to another. It could be that you want to spend more time with your family and loved ones; Enjoy the convenience of not having to commute to work; Be able to provide for yourself without assistance from others; No boss looking over your shoulder; Being in a position to come and go as you please.

Everyone desires peace of mind, simply because, it is a wonderful state to be in. Anxiety takes its toll on all of us. Having a Home Based Business to relieve some of the pressure would be welcomed relief.

When we are overly anxious as to how we are going to make it from day to day, pay the mortgage or other bills, provide for the kids.

All these anxieties can be mentally and physically exhausting.

Yes, the economy is tough, and people will probably continue to lose their jobs, their retirement income. These conditions may continue for just a few years, or perhaps longer.

What we dont want to do is be at the mercy of the conditions around us. We want to be resourceful taking the initiative. One way of doing that is to start a Home Based Business, which could provide needed income, help you to be independent, and have peace of mind.