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How to Setup Business in Dubai? & Best Home Based Business Opportunities in Dubai
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Are you planning to start a business in Dubai, doing an exhibition? Or looking for new business opportunities in Dubai? Then I urge you to read every single word in this page.

Business is the main focus of Dubai economy. Often, the government is encouraging and creating new business opportunities in Dubai. However, Dubai business set-up is not easy.

You MUST know each and every step of setting up a business in Dubai, unless you get a professional company to do this for you. Don't worry. I will show you how to set-up a business in Dubai. Also you can fill the form at the bottom of this page to get the best business set-up company in Dubai to do all tasks for you (more info at the bottom).

Common requirements to start a Dubai business

Every business in Dubai needs a “sponsor” except if you want to open a business in a freezone in Dubai. Usually, to open a business in a Dubai freezone requires a big capital. It is not a place for small businesses. The sponsor MUST be a UAE national. A strong sponsor with lot of contacts and influence can be very useful for the business to start and run. Why? You will see many reasons throughout this page.

You have to pay an ongoing fee to the sponsor. There is a big chance that the sponsor may demand a percentage of the profit in addition to the fee.

Once you have acquired a sponsor, you have to register your business and obtain the Trade License. There are different rules for different business types.

For an example, there are specific hygiene related rules to start and run a restaurant. It is not very easy to register a business in Dubai. You may have to seek your sponsor’s help to get your business registered. Language is a major barrier when dealing with government employees. Otherwise there is a big chance that the application will be rejected.

Operating a business in Dubai

Arabic is the common language used in all government offices. Therefore every company has to have an Arabic speaking employee or higher someone temporary to deal with government institutions for various business matters. This is a MUST.

The other important thing is the working visa for employees. This is not easy and your sponsor’s influence is very important in this matter. If you are planning to run a large-scale business then you have to maintain a percentage of UAE employees. Remember, you have to pay more than double to UAE nationals.

There is no tax in Dubai. However, there are different fees depending on type of the business.

What are good Dubai business opportunities?

Well, there are many. But a good business opportunity in Dubai is always not the one bringing more money.

It has to be easy to operate from government rules perspective. Here is my review of good business opportunities in Dubai.

Real Estate – I think there is still a market in this booming business in Dubai. Dubai real estate investment is not yet very popular internationally. So there is still a market. Travel Packages – Emirates Airlines and few travel agents handle Most of the travel packages. I think there is a market for a business that is more focused on inbound tourists and travel packages.

Online Auctions – Not much available in Dubai.

Exports – Some food items like Dates are very cheap in Dubai. Also used cars and jewellery are very cheap in Dubai.

Nightclubs – There is always a market in Dubai for nightclubs.

Multi Level Marketing – Dubai has tough laws for pyramid schemes. If you can get the government approval for a genuine MLM then the sky is the limit.

Job agencies for skilled labours – Almost all job agencies in Dubai are focusing on jobs for professionals. This is a niche business opportunity in Dubai.

Franchise businesses– This concept is new to Dubai and I am sure there is a huge market for franchises.

Childcare business – One of the burning issues especially young working couples in Dubai is lack of childcare facilities. This is also a niche business opportunity in Dubai for someone who wants to start a business in Dubai.

You cannot ignore banks when talking about business. Visit Dubai banks page to read about major banks in Dubai. Also visit major companies in Dubai page to read about leading companies in Dubai.

The easiest way to set-up a business in Dubai

The easiest way to start a Dubai business is to get a professional consulting company to do all tasks for you. In this way you can ensure that you are not wasting your money. I managed to convince one of the best companies in Dubai to evaluate requirements of visitors of this website and do everything for you for a discounted price.
Dubai is almost dead during the day and becomes alive at night. You can enjoy Dubai nightlife in various ways depending on “what” you want.

Especially there are specific Dubai nightclubs to cater deferent requirements and clients..

Dubai has excellent nightlife. However, you should know the limitations, as there are strict laws in Dubai.

Lets start with Dubai nightclubs…

There are varieties of nightclubs in Dubai. Some are free to enter and some are charging an entrance fee. Visit Dubai Nighclubs page for more on nightclubs and review of my favourite nightclubs.

Lets continue with Dubai nightlife….


Liquor is not freely available in Dubai. That means there are no pubs or bars along the road. There is a liquor permit issued for residence visa holders.

If you are a visitor you will have to go to a nightclub or to a bar in a hotel to get liquor.

Liquor is expensive in Dubai, especially in nightclubs and in hotels. The best option is to buy liquor from the Duty Free shop at the Dubai Airport while coming into Dubai.


Bars are not available in all Dubai hotels mainly due to religious reasons. If alcohol is part of your daily life then you should be careful when selecting your accommodation.

Apart from that, most of the hotels have bars.

Hanging around in a bar till midnight is part of the nightlife in Dubai for most of the expatriates and visitors.

Creek Park…. a nice place to hang around

Dubai Creek Park is a nice place to visit at night. The park is huge and therefore not crowded.

The atmosphere is fantastic at night. There are play areas for children. You can just relax in the park and enjoy the view of colourful buildings in the other side of the creek. This is a nice place for the whole family.

Shopping is a major part of Dubai nightlife. Visit Shopping in Dubai page for more on shopping.
Some people have described Dubai islands as the 8th wonder of the world. There is no doubt that these manmade islands in Dubai will impress each and every visitor. The islands are built in such a way that it is hard to say they are man-made islands.

These Dubai islands are completely manmade from scratch in the Dubai coastal line. Constructions of these islands launched after years of planning. Currently Dubai has two island groups.

Palm Island Dubai

Dubai Palm Tree Island was the first manmade Dubai Island. The island is built in the shape of a Date Palm Tree. There are three palm tree islands being built in Dubai.

The Palm Island Jumeirah

Jumeirah beach is already famous thanks to Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel. The Palm island in Jumeirah will consists of luxury accommodations such as hotels, villas, apartments etc.

The Palm Island Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is the industrial free trade zone in Dubai. The “theme” of Palm Island in Jebel Ali is entertainment.

There are plans to build theme parks and many more fascinating items for entertainments. Palm Island Jebel Ali is bigger than the Jumeirah Palm Island.

Palm Island Deira

This is going to be the third man-made Palm Island in Dubai. Deira is the “commercial capital” in Dubai and this island will be built on the coast of Dubai's Deirah beach. This is going to be the largest of all Palm Islands. The “theme” of this island is “Residential” It will consist of residential property, marinas, shopping malls, sports facilities, and clubs.

The World

The World is the latest addition to Dubai islands. This is a collection of small islands shaped into the world map.

The plan is to build 300 private islands located off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It will consist of 300 small private man-made islands.

Size of islands will range from 23000 to 83000 square meters. The World Islands will be located 4 kilometers off the shore of Jumeirah, close to the Palm Island Jumeirah.

Buying properties in Dubai Islands

Real estate in Dubai islands has become a hot topic among property investors. Even though the price is high, investors can expect a very high capital gain from properties on palm islands and The World island in Dubai.

Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods and many other celebrities have bought properties in Dubai islands.
The property in Dubai has made it a commercial downtown and Dubai has emerged itself as the Shangri-La of real-estate deals. From its patronage of sand dunes and tranquil beaches, it has congealed into a global property portal. The property here has become a fountainhead of capitalist investments.

The cardinal attraction of the property in Dubai is its low prices that are one-third per square meter as compared to the property in the US. Apart from it, one can economize through the tax-free income in Dubai against the vast revenues in the US.

The rent prices have inflated to a minimum of 10% to a maximum to 50% in past two years. This progression in rates is drawing in the investors into property and to combat this hike, people are shifting to permanent property from lease.

Property in Dubai offers the perfect pedestal for the markets of Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, Asian Subcontinent, and East Mediterranean. A multinational company that wishes to maneuver the 2million people of this area with their GDP of U$6.7 trillion ought to earmark property in Dubai.

The economy of UAE is flourishing as ever with the rising oil-revenues. The national economy turns out to be a boastful add-on for the property in Dubai.

Various financial institutions are forthcoming with diverse mortgage and security rate options. The prime objective is to reduce the cost of borrowing. With so much to offer and aiming to cost lesser, the property are adjuring with the gleam of gold.

The salient features that the property offers are expanding its market substantially. The demand has amplified enormously. Dubai has emerged out as a commercial hub where all dealers want to invest considering the lucrative possibilities. It is becoming difficult to locate property in the key areas due to the tremendous demand. With this rapid bloom, it is anticipated that the property will experience a further increment in its monetary value.

The major property areas in Dubai have highlighted themselves as the ‘drawing card’ for which everyone has a quest. With the expansion of Dubai as a commercial platform, it is attracting more and more expatriates. Hence the demand is outlasting the supply and there is a stage of imperativeness being developed that causes an acclivity in the monetary value.

Dubai has a lot more to dispense than just property. The egression of the commercial environment has brought with it a new era of lifestyle and glamour. The efflorescence of malls, hotels have given a new dimension to leisure and entertainment. Dubai has turned out to be the ideal destination for all shopping-lovers. It offers an avid and luxurious environment. With the connectivity to other countries via airport and other global means, Dubai offers the nonpareil blend of connectivity, investment, globalization, and commercialization and a property in Dubai gives a countenance to avail all these perquisites.